Football, Family, and Fall Gardening

Finally, the heat and humidity have broken and just in time for a three day weekend. It’s been a great weekend so far.

Friday night we went to our first home football game of the season. I love that it’s a community event. From tiny babies wrapped up in blankets to octogenarians shaking green and gold milk jugs filled with gravel. The children and tweens are safe to go wandering and visiting. A group of younger kids play their own game of touch football on the grassy hill around the scoreboard. The band performs. Some folks actually watch the game, others swap fishing stories or recipes. Burgers, dogs, and chili-cheese-fries serve as dinner. And, a good time is had by all….we won 47-25.

Then yesterday my BFF(aka husband), the Dancer and our grandson the Soccer Player took a beautiful drive to see the Hunter at his University. He greeted us all with the best hugs….I do miss those hugs! He had his room all tidied and was so pleased with all the items in his care package. I think our house coffee, dark Italian roast from a small roasting company that uses ethically grown, fair trade beans, was his favorite item- along with the large mossy oak camo mug to drink it from. He is truly my son.

He gave us a great tour of campus, even showing us his class rooms and describing his professors teaching styles. Now I can truly imagine him going about his days. The Soccer Player’s jaw nearly bounced off the floor when he saw the campus center with its swimming pool, two gymnasiums, floating track, and the biggest collection of exercise machines in one place he’d ever seen. I think he’s quite motivated to get good marks so he too can go where this sort of facility is available every day.

The Dancer noticed the art work everywhere and enjoyed getting some big brother time. She sighed as we left saying how much she misses their late night heart to heart talks….and how it’s too bad there’s not a dance major offered there.

We visited the Hunter’s favorite coffee spot downtown. “Joe and Throw” where the coffee is excellent and it doubles as a pottery shop/studio. Since I really like pottery and coffee, this was a really great combo. It’s the kind of place you can rearrange the furniture and visit for as long as you want without feeling like you’re being moved along. He has matured so in just the few weeks he’s been there. It’s just obviously his place and his time to grow into full adulthood.

After treating him to dinner out, we drove home with 360 degrees of gorgeous sunset skies for most of the trip.

Today is going to be a gardening day. The weeds are out of control and there are herbs and peppers to harvest. Tomorrow may be more gardening and/or we may help one of the new teachers from school move into her new home.  It’s amazing how much a three day weekend allows for so much more than the usual two day version.

Sitting on the deck listening to the birds, noticing the many signs that fall is nearly here, sipping my coffee and just so filled with gratitude to be living and growing here at Green Grove.