Nearly Fall

My goodness time flies here at Green Grove. It’s been a hot humid summer with lots of rain. Some very invasive weeds are thriving, but many of my garden plants have struggled even more than I have with this. They can’t spend the worst of it in the AC doing other things. Insects, however are thriving too.

One of my most successful garden achievements was putting insect repelling plants around the lower patio. I filled the no till,  slightly raised beds with lemon grass, citronella scented geranium, lemon balm and a few nicotiana for evening fragrance. They’ve done well as its a partially shady area. I plan to add some tansy, marigolds and mums next year. For more on insect repelling plants check out this article.

We’ve been able to have several lovely dinners with friends and family and the area remained pretty well insect free. I’ve only gotten a few bites and only on the upper deck. I will try pots of these plants up there next year as well. In this photo you can just see the edge of one of the new beds. I’ll get better pictures soon.


Another success has been the fly spray I made for the horses. It’s justApple Cider Vinegar and essential oils of rosemary, peppermint, and lemon eucalyptus, a dash of olive oil and a little Liquid Castile soap. I adapted it from The Prairie Homestead Blog. One of my go to places for ideas.

Life is full of growing and not only in the garden. Our Weaver is attending the community and technical college, the Hunter has moved nearly 3 hours away to start his college life, and the Dancer is a freshman in high school. They are all thriving as we begin a whole new phase of living and growing for our family.

I’m hopeful the heat will break this week. We still have lots of canning to do and it’s brutal when it’s so darned humid. As I teacher I’ve noticed that the tomatoes always come on just when school starts. Speaking of which, I’d better stop blogging and get back to lesson plans. Happy growing from Green Grove to you all!