Spring at Last

Today was an amazing day. Possibly the best day since my breast cancer diagnosis last June. Spring has finally come after several weeks of blustery, cold, snow flurries, and a last gasp of winter. The Holly King did not want the Green Man to win this year, though as always the Green Man triumphed.

I planted 5 types of herb seeds, marshmallow, borage, calendula, wood betony, and chamomile. We are beginning to under plant our little orchard and we’re also working with blueberries and marshmallow to make use of a soggy spot on the property.


I also made my first foray into making flower essences. Tonight I have Mother Essences in my apothecary cabinet for violet, pansy, dandelion, bluet, and spring beauty. Just before I took the photo below, a honey bee came and visited each bowl in turn. I think essences with a bee blessing will be extra special.


Yesterday I watered the two veg beds that had been planted with peas, radishes, beets, onions, and chard before winter’s return. Things are popping up like crazy now that sprin is back. This morning I walked out to check what was up today and there were about 30 butterfly’s on the wet ground. See photo and video below. So I set up a butterfly feeder in the herb garden, and we had few stop by, along with some bees.


The boy’s began clearing up some branches and brambles for our next woodland garden spot. We will add some native Mtn laurels and other woodland beauties to the existing spice bush and ferns.


It was wonderful to spend a day doing things that I love to do.