Life Changed

The post below was written May 27, 2015 and I was waiting for photos to use with it.  On May 28, I went to the Dr because I’d found a lump in my left breast…by June 4 it had tripled in size and on June 10 I was officially diagnosed with  stage IIIb Breast Cancer. Now, after chemo from June – October, a modified radical mastectomy on Nov 18, and 25 radiation treatments that ended January 28, 2016,  I am Cancer Free and returning to the life I love. My gratitude is beyond measure: for my husband and children who did so much to keep our home running smoothly, kept me laughing and loved me unconditionally throughout treatment; for my many friends and colleagues who sent cards, gifts, food, called, and especially sent prayers, intentions, and healing energy, for my amazing medical care team who encouraged integrative care along with the brutal treatments needed to eradicate the cancer, and to those working in labs, pharmacies, etc., who I will never meet but impacted my care in ways I will never fully understand. I am feeling well and will not be writing a cancer blog. Now here is where we left off. Next week I’ll write about our plans for Green Grove, especially what is/will be growing here when the snow melts. 

Didn’t post last week because it was a week dedicated to dance. The Dancer performed in two recitals which meant a week of rehearsals. Since the studio where she studies is a good hour long drive it meant a lot of time for my husband and I in town. The joy she gets from dancing made it well worth it.

I tried every evening this week to get in some gardening but seemed every time I started a downpour rolled in. Saved me from having to do any watering and sure made everything grow like crazy.

I need to spend some time in my herbal workshop making practical things like deoderant, hand and shower soap, lotion, laundry soap, etc. it’s going to be quite hot and humid so I’ll spend the day doing that and hope for some gardening as it cools off this evening.