A Busy Week…

It’s been a busy week here at Green Grove.

The Weaver  reinforced the deer fencing around our little orchard. We use fishing line- strung at about 10 inch intervals from a few inches above ground to about 4 feet- and it has worked well. All I can figure is that since it is nearly invisible when the deer brush against it, it startles them and they move away. A number of strands had been broken by some heavy storms so it was time to renew it all.

Invisible Deer Fence

Invisible Deer Fence

My husband, whose been suffering from spring allergies did some weeding and after work a couple of nights, I pitched in. Both veggie beds that are planted have been weeded and things are really growing.

Today, I’m hoping to finish weeding the herb bed and the perennial bed in front of the cabin. My favorite Rhododendron, Scintillation, is blooming as well as the ones that were here. Also the Lilly of the Valley planted last year, and the Columbine. I like the way the window boxes are already beginning to fill in and provide a splash of color against the cabin.

We spent yesterday getting a load of heirloom tomatoes and some cabbage, broccoli, peppers, and a few more perennials at a favorite local greenhouse. Since my husbands daughter and her family have moved to a lovely little 5 acre homestead a few miles away(more on that exciting news later) we are using her super sunny garden to share. We planted lots of what we bought there. Then just in time we got a lovely, soaking rain. Saved having to water everything.

In between, I did the concession stand for the Hunter’s last track meet of the season, had an evening in town with my husband while the Dancer had her last class/rehearsal at her dance studio before moving onto the stage at the university for recital week rehearsals and 2 shows next weekend. I took  a Praxis exam for work, had a visit with my mom and sister, and managed to keep everyone fed and loved through their own busy schedules, and discovered many wonderful things growing around the property.


Today I’m going to putter around the house and then help with a bike-a-thon at the shook where I work and then we’re having Sunday Dinner at our daughter’s homestead….and while there I’ll try to do a fly & tick treatment for my beautiful quarter horse Leah…how I came to get her is yet another story for a future blog.



Life is good, there’s beer in the fridg, and everything is green and lovely. So many blessings every day here at Green Grove.



The Blog is Back

It’s  been a very long time since I posted….lots has been happening here at Green Grove and perhaps a future blog will address the questions,”Why did I stop blogging and why did I start again? For now though I’m just going to pick up with what’s happening today.

The herb garden is doing really well. Here’s a peek at how things are growing there.

We added a third raised bed, yet to be planted with peppers, tomatoes, and????. The other two are coming along  nicely. As you’ll see here some things are farther along than others.

Some other things have been done around the property as you will note in these photos.

So now that you are up to speed on what’s “growing on” (yes, I heard the groans at my pun) I will do my best to keep posting about our wonder-full life here at Green Grove and in next weeks post i’ll fill you in on some of what we (My Husband, The Weaver, The Hunter, and the Dancer, and our kids and grandkids who now live nearby) have been and are up to during my sabbatical from blogging. Keep growing!!