A Typical Wonder-full Weekend at Green Grove

It’s been too long since I posted anything. I think Summer is too full of being outdoors for me to be a reliable blogger. Now as Mabon– the Autumn Equinox is upon us I’m feeling loquacious again. It’s been a good weekend here at Green Grove. Didn’t accomplish everything on the lists but here’s how we rolled.

It all started with a nice curry dinner Friday night, then we watched a Miss Fisher mystery and I read for a bit before falling soundly asleep. Saturday, I woke early (5:30) and played on my iPad sorting Pinterest boards, cleared over 700 emails and looked at various blogs, and rocked a new level on mah jong. Then after a beautiful breakfast on the deck, I went out and cleaned out the garden beds … all but a few stalwart peppers that are still bearing. Got about 8 lbs of beets and 15 of tomatoes mostly green. Warren got my workbench painted and it’s ready to install. The Hunter worked for a neighbor all day and the Dancer did homework and helped in the garden. Saturday night included a lovely dinner on the deck — steaks on the grill, baked local potatoes with lots of toppings and beet greens. Then we watched MI-5 while fringing placemats and napkins for the Weaver.

Today started with a fishing trip for the Hunter, The Weaver, a neighbor and me. Warren had to work…. So much for retirement. Then I helped the Weaver with some sewing and sneaked in some reading(new Mother Earth news arrived Fri. ) and a nap. The Dancer is fighting off the same cold I am and had a lie in and took a lazy day. The cold I am not getting is on the run after some “tea” made with ginger, cider vinegar, honey, lemon juice, cayenne and horseradish. For dinner will be  a lovely salad with leftover steak, nice fresh eggs from a friend, and good sourdough bread. Perhaps another bit of television and  then a good sleep to get ready for an insanely busy week at work…followed by our Hardy County Heritage Weekend. I do love it here at Green Grove.

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