Longing for Spring

I am frustrated. It is our spring break week. Sunday and Monday we got a foot of snow, Tuesday was warm and some of it melted. It’s early Wednesday morning and freezing rain is falling. My calendar says that Thursday is the first day of spring. I have a garage full of plants, bulbs, seeds, and sets that I had planned in getting in the ground this week. But I can’t see the ground, let alone dig into it.

I’m trying to make the best if it. We’ve done some indoor work, scrubbing and sealing the log walls if the bathroom, scrubbing woodwork and walls and staining some unfinished trim in our bedroom, hanging a rug to protect the logs at the top of the stairs from the cats who have decided that literally climbing the wall is a good pastime.  We’ve cooked yummy meals, baked decadent desserts, read some good magazines and finished  “Drums of Autumn”, Diane Gabaldon’s fourth book of the Outlander series.  I am through with trying.

I am tired of winter. I long for spring. Not a date on the calendar, but a vibrant, green, soft aired, warm  sunlit, spring. I need to get out and dig, and plant, and wrestle rocks, and listen to the robins. I need to pick tender dandelion greens and the new leaves of plantain. I am crying with the frustration of what seems like an endless winter and with the deep longing for all that is spring. I want to eat on the deck again, and see does with fawns drinking from the run, and gripe about the bunnies eating my tender green garden plants.  I want, no I NEED it to be spring.



The Energies of Green Grove

As I watch the snow falling outside the window, I am recalling the day before yesterday, when I was outside in just a sweatshirt feeling the stirrings of spring under my feet and in the trees and shrubs. All of nature was filled with it, and I began looking forward to reconnecting as I get more time outside.  As much as I love the snow, I know that it is time for the wheel to turn to spring, and then summer and time for me to continue getting to know the energies of our Green Grove home.

One of the things that amazes me is how strong and tangible nature’s energy is here. Last summer, when walking in the woods sometimes I literally jumped because I felt something moving underfoot—at first, I  kept thinking I’d stepped on a snake or a mole was tunneling, but then”nothing”seemed to be there. It kept happening, so I began to breathe deeply, relax and tune in. I started feeling the something that was there.  As I stopped being startled, I started seeking what was causing this.  I began to find it not just under foot but all around me…it was the energies of Green Grove revealing themselves to me, welcoming me and connecting with my energy so that we can be one.

Let me try to describe for you this nearly indescribable magick. When I touch a giant, ancient oak I feel the strong masculine energy of the Green Man, and I know there is wisdom and knowing there for those who will stop, and feel, and listen. When I sit down on a bed of moss and feel a gentle caress, like a breeze —but no leaf, not even the delicate ferns, are moving— that’s the feminine energy that is Gia, nurturing, whispering the secrets of life into my soul. Then there is the deeply held, nearly solid energy of the stones that I have yet to name.

There’s one area where I get glimpses of movement, perhaps we have fairies …I hope so! I started leaving them small gifts which were gone when I returned….a good sign. I am starting to be able to recognize the trees by the way they feel, there is such a difference between the oaks and the black birch, between the maple and the hickory.

I am anxious to see what the energies of Green Grove will reveal to me this spring, now that I am more connected to them and they to me.