A Bit of Background

From the time when I was very young my family would come to Lost River State Park in Mathias, WV. It was for me a magical place, a place where I felt more alive, more at home, and  more me than anywhere else on earth. As time went by life took its inevitable twists and turns and for nearly 20 years I didn’t  come here.

Then in 2011, my husband became physically and emotionally exhausted and I booked us a week at one of the cabins in the park. I knew that the quiet, the beauty, and the magic of this place would help him to rest and heal, and it sure did. He felt as I always had that in these mountains and this Lost River Valley he had come home.

In early 2012, we began looking at the possibilities for him to retire and soon settled on April 2013 as the date. Then we began looking at properties, and at the end of a hot, humid day of disappointing places, out realtor said, “There’s this cabin that just came on the market that I’d like to show you.” Shortly, we were driving onto the most beautiful property  imaginable. It was just what we were looking for. and by fall it was ours.

We set up air mattresses, camp chairs, a large folding table and spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, February Vacation, April Vacation, Memorial Day weekend and a few more  trips by  my husband getting it ready to move in. By the end of June 2013, we were finally home.

There have been some adjustments to make, moving from a city in MA to a place where the nearest super market is about 30 miles away.  A place where bobcats, bear and coyotes, join the deer, raccoons, fox, squirrels,  and rabbits as things we might see in our “yard.”

It is my hope that  you will enjoy reading of our rich life here. Over time I will introduce you to the rest of our family. Most posts will be about what’s currently happening, but I will also post a few more background stories. I will add photos too.

Please share your comments and questions, and please use appropriate language and voice criticisms or disagreements civilly.


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